Eternalight 1

The Eternalight 1 online emergency lighting inverter is a single phase system made in the USA that meets all UL924 standards. These small footprint systems defend your environment against unwanted power outages and electrical disturbances, maintain efficient AC emergency power to operate all emergency lighting fixtures at “full-light” output, and provide superior dependability and security to commercial and industrial environments.

Eternalight 1 Lighting Inverter

Eternalight 1 Lighting Inverter



>  DSPM Watchdog software always on guard and Display monitor keeps you in control 24/7
>  Dependable DSP/PWM technology for unsurpassed reliability
>  Economical for the lowest overall cost for your light safety, with an Energy Star Rating
>  Temperature compensating technology that controls batteries for the longest battery life
>  Full light output for entire 90 minutes
>  Self-diagnostics for a safe and secure lighted environment
>  Pure sine wave output for all types of lamps
>  Backup solutions for multiple applications such as: indoor/outdoor emergency lighting, exits, cash registers, computers, strategic electronics and more
>  10 Year pro-rated battery warranty
>  5 Year power train warranty
>  Meets federal, state and local codes: UL924, NFPA 101, NFPA 70, NEC and OSHA
>  Cities of Chicago and New York Approved
>  Complies with the Buy American Act


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